Can you believe I wrote something outside Multiversity Comics this month? Don’t worry, it’s still comics related though:

I wrote up this month’s We Want Comics column to mark the tenth anniversary of The Hunger Games:

While I technically did this at the start of October, I’m still going to share my obituary for Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra:

As with the past few months, I continued my weekly retrospective of Disney’s Gargoyles, which goes on pause today until next summer due to regular shows resuming service. I’ll continue to cover Big Hero 6: The Series until the season finale this month.

On a personal note, I’ve been spending a lot of spare time playing Jurassic World: Evolution, which is a pretty difficult game, and by the end of the campaign you kind of don’t want to take care of a dinosaur zoo anymore. More enjoyable for me was the start of Life is Strange 2, which doesn’t offer as much freedom as the previous games, but I was nevertheless sobbing by the end of the first episode.

Musically, I’ve been listening to Pale Waves’ debut, and Christine and the Queens and Aurora’s sophomore albums. I’ve also been enjoying Killing Eve and Hilda on the telly.

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Autistic British know-it-all. I like gods and monsters. Bylines at @multiversitycom and @nerdypoc.

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