Phew, I thought October would never end. It’s been a long month between Multiversity Comics’ New York Comic Con coverage, and everything else. I wrote two obituaries:

The first season of Big Hero 6: The Series came to an end, and so did my coverage:

And as the two primetime shows I regularly cover resumed, so did my coverage of those:

As it was Halloween, I wrote an edition of my We Want Comics column for Stephen King’s IT:

On a personal note, I went to see Norwegian singer Aurora at the O2 Forum Kentish Town, and she was absolutely glorious, stunning, transcendent, you name it, just strange and sweet and utterly formidable.

Photo courtesy of Tom Hall

At home, I got round to the PlayStation 4 Spider-Man game and really enjoyed it, even if it was a tad difficult at first. Definitely a great take on that world though. I also bit the bullet and subscribed to Netflix to watch Daredevil season 3 spoiler-free. I have to say, Netflix’s back catalogue is nowhere as impressive as Amazon Prime or NOW TV, but its interface is so intuitive that it’s easy to get sucked into a foreign film you’ve never heard of. I’m currently bingewatching Bojack Horseman and I have to say, it may be the best adult cartoon of the decade.

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Autistic British know-it-all. I like gods and monsters. Bylines at @multiversitycom and @nerdypoc.

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