Intersectional feminism for ‘Wonder Woman’ 2

There’s some murmurs online Wonder Woman wasn’t all that feminist given the lack of screentime for non-white Amazons like Artemis, played by African-American boxer Ann Wolfe. Similarly, when in man’s world, the only other women Diana interacts with are secretary Etta Candy (played by original Office cast member Lucy Davis) and mad scientist Isabel Maru, a.k.a. Doctor Poison (Spanish actress Elena Anaya).

There would have been two simple solutions: perhaps Robin Wright should not have played Antiope. As fabulous as it was to see the 51-year old ride into battle, it might have helped to better distinguish the two mother figures in Diana’s life by casting someone completely different from her and Connie Nielsen. I actually overheard a child in the audience having difficulty telling Hippolyta and Antiope apart, so again, it would have helped having a unique actress to the one playing Diana’s mother.

Similarly, perhaps Diana should have had a female sidekick on the Western Front. Patty Jenkins may have felt she would have been pushing the suspension of disbelief, or that studio executives would have scoffed at the notion, but maybe she should have done it anyway. I’m not enough of a Cyborg fan to be uninvested in whether Warner Bros. produces his solo film, but who I am to say another African-American superhero shouldn’t have his own movie?

In any case one should hope Patty Jenkins can include more women of colour in the cast in the still unannounced sequel, because its present day setting means Diana can interact with more women in general. In her first movie, Wonder Woman befriended men played by actors from Scotland, France and even the Kainai Nation in Alberta, so I’m definitely counting on Diana getting to meet black women, Latina women, Asian women, Native American women, lesbians and trans women, women who use wheelchairs and women with different religious beliefs or none at all. Because ultimately, isn’t a sequel supposed to let filmmakers do what they couldn’t originally?

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