An Open Letter to Shaun Bailey

Dear Shaun Bailey,

I was extremely angry at the comments you made about single mothers that resurfaced recently. You did not even bother apologising for them, your spokesman instead deflecting about Sadiq Khan’s performance as Mayor. Nevermind that these comments were not unearthed by the Mayor’s team but Business Insider, this does not excuse how appalling they were. That was whataboutery, a tactic encouraged by the lowest of the low, namely those in the Kremlin and their allies in the White House.

My mother was single until she remarried a few years ago. She raised me and my brother by herself, often working the night shift to support us. I vividly remember when we were on holiday in Florida, she was denied service for being a single mother. As conservatives are often fond of saying, if you dislike the way things are in this country, why not move there?

I should disclose that since you are the Conservative candidate for Mayor of London in 2020, it was extremely unlikely I was going to vote for you anyway, but perhaps, there would’ve been a slightly greater chance I’d vote for you if your words were kinder, more compassionate.

I was willing to give Zac Goldsmith a chance until he was exposed as a ravenous, depraved and desperate animal. As it is, conservatives have never done anything to prove they are not, in the Prime Minister’s words, the Nasty Party, whose policies have poisoned the country for years. I oppose conservatism with every fibre of my God-fearing soul. When you are a child, you are taught there is right and wrong, but when you are an adult, you can be as cruel as you want as long as you say you are conservative. Conservatism creates nothing, contributes nothing, for it is the excuse of the lazy wannabe king, lord or master, who just wants everyone else to do the work.

As a fellow BAME, let me tell you: they will never accept you. When the chips are down, they’ll turn on each other — they’ll even blame other white people. Society has always worked by placing the blame on a scapegoat, whether it’s by sacrificing literal goats, or accusing minorities of being scroungers or unpatriotic. No matter what, they’ll always find someone to blame for their own greed devouring the country.

You can start repenting by apologising. It’ll hardly make the Conservative Party progressive, but surely you can do the bare minimum.


Christopher Chiu-Tabet.

Autistic British know-it-all. I like gods and monsters. Bylines at @multiversitycom and @nerdypoc.

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